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R.I.P Rik Mayall, you will always be remembered for bringing laughter to people and children, who without you wouldn't have laughed at all.

Basic fandom blog, but also in love with Pastel fashion, Doll aesthetic, Fairies and Carnival/Circuses.

My name is Ailean(Aylun) and I sometimes post pictures of my face.

General fandoms are Homestuck, Karneval, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and Disney.

I will be posting about Important Topics, I do it a lot.

I will tell you which pronouns to use when I'm speaking to you, but 'They' will suffice in general.

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All I want in life is seven books about Teddy Lupin and his years at hogwarts as a blue haired rebel teenager


this is actually really fucking motivational


this is actually really fucking motivational

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i wanna get hot and fit and healthy but like i dont wanna stop living off junk food and watching tv shows and sleeping until 4pm ya feel me


ur pretty


ur pretty

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This Phone App Helps Transgender Users Change The Pitch And Tone Of Their Voices


buzzfeedlgbt reports on this amazing app:

The app’s website states it will take at least 6 to 12 months to effectively alter one’s voice. This video clip features an example “before and after” segment, having a user sample her “original” and “altered” voice:

As one user of the app put it: “Voice can be a real liability. There are definitely large parts of this country, even this state, where it’s dangerous to be trans. It can be a matter of life or death.”

At just $4.99, this app is a far more affordable option for users than visiting a vocal coach or speech pathologist. What a great resource!


Do you ever catch yourself thinking rude things about someone or judging them and you’re like “hey stop that, that’s not nice don’t u do that”


this is your daily reminder to not forget about ferguson. Keep it going!

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sometimes i think i’m sassy and then i realize i’m just too sarcastic and borderline mean

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AvaLynn was attacked by another student on the school playground. We are fighting for answers and for greater supervision at school.

My friend Lacey Harris’s 5 year old daughter was brutalized by another child on the playground at school this week, in Pascagoula, Mississippi. Her face is swollen and bruised beyond recognition, and the only thing the school can tell her is that they “are investigating”

This sweet little 5 year old girl is terrified to return to school. She is in pain and she has been MAIMED. This needs IMMEDIATE media attention. The school and local news are ignoring the mother’s and loved ones’ cries for help. This family needs justice for what has been done to their poor little angel, and not just to be swept under the rug, as the school district is attempting to do. PLEASE shine some light on this situation and force school administration and news media to get some answers!

The mother has started a GoFundMe page to request help for paying medical bills and legal fees, as it looks as though she’s going to have to pursue this route in order to get any justice at all for her little girl. Please, please, share this link on your page. Even if people are unable to donate, please just help us get the word out on what is going on with this poor family.

This is really heartbroken for me and extremely hard to look at.

This is the link to Ava’s donation page.
Please donate and share and PRAY!
God bless you all!